CHPuissegur & Associates
Business Systems and Procedures

a Complete Business Development Machine

What We Do

We assist owners and executives of businesses who employ from 1 to 100 people, serve other businesses, and who truly desire to improve their business…

How We Do it

by providing  them sensible options through the development and improvement of Business Systems that increase the economic value of their organizations…

The Results

so that when slowing down personally becomes desirable, things are in place to ensure all those involved benefit from passing control and or ownership to one, or some combination, of the following:







for the right reason, and the right price.

Three Unique Things and our Guarantee

The Unique Things:

  1. We have experience in the ‘business aspects‘ of each area of your business.
  2. Our involvement is “Hands On”.
  3. Our meeting rhythms with you are very same as what we encourage you to maintain with your very own team.

Our Guarantee:

If your product/service has a market, if you truly want to grow, if you are willing to engage and follow the system; you will succeed.

If this is of interest to you, give us a call at 248-225-6655.

A two hour investment on the part of us each, may prove to be a good one for us both;

a very low risk, with a very high potential return.