A Complete Business Development Machine

A Professional Business Advisor

A Guaranteed Approach…

to Growing Your Business and Increasing Its Value

  • If your product/service has a market,
  • If you truly want to grow, and
  • If you are willing to engage and follow the system;

your business will grow and its value will increase.

“A ten minute investment on the part of us each, may prove to be a good one for both of us.”

What We Do and for Whom

We assist the owners of businesses who employ from 5 to 50 people and serve other businesses, to build an organization with a value of $2M to $5M, that can make their “Next Step” whatever that may be, an enjoyable one…

How We Do it

through the development and implementation of  ‘Marketing/Sales, Finance/Accounting, Production/Service’ systems that do not exist and improvement of those that do.


  • remove hurdles preventing growth,
  • increase revenue, organically
  • increase profit,
  • grow economic value,
  • acquire a business if appropriate
  • and, build relationships with potential buyers along the way…

The Results

so that, during the process, they may:

1. have additional cash to invest in the various options available outside of their business,

2. and be prepairng, for when slowing down personally becomes desirable, by having things in place to ensure all those involved benefit from passing control and/or ownership to one, or some combination of, the following:

  • Family (need jobs)
  • Employees (need jobs)
  • Partner (plans to grow)
  • Competitor (expand in current market)
  • Vendor (increase margins)
  • Customer (diversify)

for the right reason, and the right price.

Three Things that Make us Unique:

  1. We have experience in the ‘business aspects’ of each area of your business.
  2. Our involvement is “Hands-On”.
  3. Our meeting rhythms with you are the same as what we encourage you to maintain with your own team.

“a very low risk, with a very high potential return.”