About Us

“Experience and enthusiasm are two fine business attributes seldom found in one individual.”

William Feather, 19th Century American Publisher

You will find both in each of us.

Charles H. Puissegur

Charles H. Puissegur

Principal of CHPuissegur & Associates

Charles is the Principal of CHPuissegur & Associates, a business advisory practice dedicated to helping business owners close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow–with more sales, more cash, more time…and less stress. Recognizing that the last thing an entrepreneur needs is more to do, Charles works hands-on, helping them do what they don’t have time for and develop the know-how to handle various aspects of their business with which they are not yet familiar.

Charles’s know-how comes from over 30 years as a business owner, selling and installing business systems and helping management at all levels in hundreds of businesses improve their organizations. He assists clients’ growth through improved marketing and selling systems, simplified product cost and pricing methods, and selective acquisitions.

He has held the positions of controller, sales, and general manager, owned and sold two businesses, and continues his involvement in business development for clients, assisting their growth, organically and through acquisition.

Charles helps clients improve operations through stronger systems in all areas of business Marketing, Sales, and Operations systems : accounting, inventory control and production scheduling. Helping to improve existing systems, and implementing new where none exist.

He has assisted clients in passing their organizations on to family members or selling to an appropriate buyer. These transactions are designed to ensure the realization of his client’s Vision while at the same time help the family member or buyer grow closer to the realization of theirs.

Charles has a strong background working with: job shops, manufacturers, distributorship, and business-to-business product/service providers.

He holds a degree in accounting from Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio, and a certificate for Entrepreneurial Development from Ohio State University. He developed the curriculum to teach accounting through the use of automated accounting systems and served as an adjunct instructor of accounting.

He is certified through the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), and he is a member of the President’s Club (Sandler Sales). Charles is a certified Small Business Advisor with the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED).


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Michael J. Obrzut

Michael J. Obrzut

Associate of CHPuissegur & Associates

Michael is an associate of CHPuissegur & Associates. Michael currently serves as  a Consultant/Board Member and provides companies with guidance in overcoming hurdles of second stage growth, using financial and operational processes and disciplines to achieve continual growth in value.

During Michael’s career he has held CEO, COO, and CFO positions, providing companies with significant versatility and impacting both growth and development. For example, one previous company grew by more than 450%. Some legacy issues required resolution: cash flow, banking relations, HR and debt reduction. This was accomplished by reducing highly complex issues to their simplest form so the information could be used by the entire company.

Michael’s background in design, development and implementation of strategic business plans, system infrastructure design, financial models and continuous improvement programs has helped the businesses that he has been involved with to grow.

Other areas of expertise include: Business Start-Ups and Expansion, Mergers & Acquisition Negotiations, Budget Development & Management, Accounting & Financial Operations, Management & Development of Information Systems & Infrastructure, and Value Based Management Systems.

Another company he has worked with has grown by more than 300% as a result of newly created revenue streams, with investment income tripling and a huge reduction in banking costs.

In general, Michael has increased the pace of growth by developing sustainable daily operations, understanding needs of clients, and creating a successful team-oriented work environment throughout the process.

​Michael has extensive experience in the B2B service companies, including the Advertising, Software Services, Web Based Services, Printing and Publishing, and Professional Corporations industries, ranging in size from start-ups to 50 million. His experience in corporate and entrepreneurial environments provides a unique perspective, including the ability to quickly assess situations and provide creative problem resolution across disciplines. Michael has proven his ability to negotiate complex agreements for financial and vendor relationships.

Michael has two Bachelors of Science degrees, one in Accounting and the other in Economics  He attended both LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA and Oakland University in Rochester, MI.

He has certifications from the Institute of Management Accountants (CMA) and the American Financial Professionals (CCM), along with state licenses in insurance and risk management.