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“Experience and enthusiasm are two fine business attributes seldom found in one individual.”

William Feather

The bio and resume are my own, the accountants, attorneys, commercial lending officers, and even clients have, over the years, become Associates.

Charles H. Puissegur

Charles H. Puissegur

Principal of CHPuissegur & Associates


Charles is the Principal of CHPuissegur & Associates, an advisory practice committed to helping business owners bring clarity to their Vision and “realize” it. With over four decades of experience implementing essential business infrastructure such as accounting, manufacturing, sales, and administrative systems, Charles offers hands-on assistance in system implementation and management advisory services. He may assume an “ad-hoc’ role of Controller/Sales Manager during an implementation and function as Controller for an extended period. His involvement enables business owners to maintain a strategic focus “on” their business, even as the day-to-day demands of running the organization pull them “into” the tactical details.

Working to achieve organic growth, while simultaneously cultivating a focus on potential acquisitions, becomes an objective when owners express interest in exploring such opportunities.

Finally, Charles frequently plays a role in facilitating well-planned transitions when the time comes for business succession, with interest in a transaction designed and executed in a manner that ensures continuity of the enterprise, completed smoothly, and in the interests of all parties.

Ideally, the entire journey should have the transition in mind. The sooner the planning begins the smoother the final transaction, and the better are the results.


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