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  • Are you leading an organization that serves other businesses and has between  1 and 75 team members?
  • Do you have a genuine desire to grow your organization and increase its value?
  • Are there significant hurdles in your way and uncertainty about how to best remove them?
  • Could you and your organization use someone whose sole purpose is to remove the hurdles?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, or know of someone who would, I believe we can help.

We work with and assist organizations like yours to remove the hurdles standing in the way of growth.

In less than one hour, we can determine if it makes sense to explore working together. A face to face meeting or a simple phone call may prove beneficial and will provide us both with time to learn a little more about one another. If you believe it worthwhile to invest an hour towards removing your hurdles, we will make this investment with you.

Give us a call at (248) 225-6655. The risk is very little, and the reward could be substantial.

The Diminishing Number of Organizations able to Overcome the Hurdles Associated with Growth

Valuation: Associated Hurdles