Solutions, Through a Proven Process

I. Address Immediate Burning Issues:

Extinguish the fires that may be burning within each category below, while at the same time designing and implementing systems.

II. Design and implement systems where incomplete or absent; improve these systems, “always”:

  1. Marketing: define the market and the ideal person within it, find that individual for a salesperson to speak with, and obtain an appointment.
  2. Sales: close business efficiently using a process.
  3. Finance: obtain the money required to execute your plan.
  4. Accounting: keep track of the money and properly report to all levels of management and outside interested parties.
    1. Internally:
      1. Job, Product and Service Costing
      2. Pricing Strategies
      3. Gross Profit Margins
      4. Overall Profitability
      5. Other Metrics specific to the industry and individual business
    2. Externally:
      1. Taxing authorities
      2. Lenders
      3. Investors
      4. Potential Buyers
  5. Human Relations: compensation methods and plans, hiring, training, conflict resolution, dismissal.
  6. Operations: the services you provide, the products you produce, and the combination of the two.

    III. Do something that should be done at the beginning of the process, but rarely is:

    Strategic Planning with Orderly Execution: define Vision, Mission, Core Values, Strategy, Tactics, and Metrics  – Truly considering a Vision, and the realization of it, while, at the same time, keeping focused on today, and its details. Doing these two things at once becomes easier and more rewarding over time the more deliberate you are.

    IV. Do this once, or many times. When done properly the results are wonderful.

    Business Acquisition(s)  For the time being, I’ve accepted a change in the order of things, for two reasons: 1 – COVID and the opportunities it presents to help, and, 2 – the transactions are limited to that of the acquisition of a competitor. It may be in some cases that an acquistion may be encouraged prior to all the systems be in place to the extent that I generally recommend.

    V. Facilitate the increase in Value through orderly growth

    Executive Coaching – Building the Machine

    VI. Finally

    Sell the business, if and when it is the right thing to do and if it is the right time.

    A Note: Simple and Amazing

    Improvements to any one of issues listed above, from Marketing through Operations, and clarifying your Vision can be powerful; two or more can create something amazing; and with this platform completely built, add an Acquisition, and the results can be more than the owner may have imagined. smile

    Three Things that Make us Unique along with our Guarantee:

    The Unique Things:

    1. We have experience in the ‘business aspects‘ of each area of your business.
    2. Our involvement is “Hands On”.
    3. Our meeting rhythms with you are the same as what we encourage you to maintain with your own team.

    Our Guarantee:

    1. If your product/service has a market,
    2. if you truly want to grow,
    3. if you are willing to engage and follow the system;
    your business will grow and its value will increase.

    Our Role may take the form of one, or more, of the following positions for various size organizations:

    Startup to $3 Million Organization

    • CFO/Controller
    • Marketing Mgr
    • Sales Mgr
    • Strategic Partner and Coach

    $3M to $5 Million Organization

    • CFO/Controller
    • Marketing Mgr
    • Strategic Partner and Coach

    $5M to $10 Million Organization

    • Strategic Partner and Coach