“Business Broker”


Our objective:

Let’s work together to turn a deal that you might walk away from,

“into two very good ones”.

The First Step

If you encounter a business owner that you feel is a reasonable person, but has an inflated idea of the value of their business and decide not to list them….


Introduce them to me.

The Process

If the overall fit between the owner and I is a good one (and at times it is) I will work with them to bring the value of their business closer to, or even beyond, what they originally imagined.

This will include organic growth and a possible acquisition of another business.

This acquisition may occur within 18 to 24 months, and it will be a transaction involving you, 

The first of the two deals that can involve You.

The Results

The goal is that the business is ready to sell within three to five years, with a value closer to original expectations.

“This is the second”!


We will do the work with the business owner; it is the client that we desire. Your involvement, although not necessary, is always valuable and welcome. Your periodic presence will ensure that a good relationship is developed, and a team working together is always good.